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On 04, jan 2022 | In | By lablax


Live Maria Roggen & Ingfrid Breie Nyhus
Sibelius songs in improvised variants

Vocalist Live Maria Roggen and pianist Ingfrid Breie Nyhus explores interpretative possibilities with Jean Sibelius’ romantic and melancholic songs. Variants of four songs by Sibelius figure on the album; songs that Sibelius based on Finnish-Swedish poems by Fröding, Wecksell, Runeberg and Topelius: ‘Säf, säf, susa’, ‘Demanten på marssnön’, ‘Arioso’ and ‘Lasse liten’. In the Roggen/Nyhus improvisations, the original compositions are subject to variation, or fade into echoes, in unexpected directions of freer harmonic structures, exploring sound and timbre. ‘Demanten på marssnön’ also figures as two improvisations, pointing towards a more open form of interpretation.

Release January 14th 2022 / Record company: Lablabel / Recorded by: Ulf Holand in Levinsalen, NMH, Oslo / Mix by: Mike Hartung, Propeller Music Division / Mastering by: Morgan Nicolaysen, Propeller Music Division / Supported by the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Fund for Performing Arts (FFUK)