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By lablax

On 10, des 2015 | In | By lablax


Ingfrid Breie Nyhus

Slått: From Old Norse sláttr or slagr, from the verb slá “hit, beat, strike, pluck”. A piece of instrumental folk music played mostly on the Hardanger fiddle or violin. The word originates from the verb “slå”, which points to that this music was originally struck with a plectrum or fingers on harp-like instruments.
Piano: Abbr. of pianoforte, from Italian piano “soft” and forte “loud”. Large keyboard musical instrument, where pressing a key causes a padded hammer to strike the internal metal strings. Variations in volume correspond with the weight of the pianist’s touch on the keys.

«Slåttepiano» is traditional Hardanger fiddle music, translated and played out on piano by Ingfrid Breie Nyhus. She grew up in a folk music family going generations back, and she has pianistic background in the classical and contemporary fields. She joins her traditions in Slåttepiano; this is Norwegian folk music, as it sounds through the piano.