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All Plans Last Only Until The First Shot

By lablax

On 21, mai 2016 | In | By lablax

All Plans Last Only Until The First Shot

Mark Adderley’s harp concerto All Plans Last Only Until The First Shot in live performance with Sunniva Rødland, harp, and Ensemble Ernst.

«The harp has traditionally had a tendency to be portrayed in a rather delicate, tender and fragile light; this is not the case in All Plans Last Only Until the First Shot. Here, the instrument displays a quite different character, at times aggressive, extravert and defiant. It is given a confrontational role in its relationship to the surrounding ensemble that also does not back off! Here, in this robust environment, no excuses are accepted. I wanted to explore, amongst other things, the aesthetics of violence, and to create, to some extent, an explosive and belligerent work for an instrument that is often regarded as something rather delicate; I wanted to get the instrument to bare its teeth and to flare up. The harp can really bite if provoked, and I approach it as an instrument with no weaknesses and no limitations. It is only in this way that one can open up the palette and paint unrestrainedly with a broad brush as I wanted to!»